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The pictures are absolutely beyond beautiful!!!!

I love love love love them!!! The smiles, poses, backgrounds and light coming into some of these shots are unreal! I really appreciate it!!!

Thank you for sending them out to me sooner than the original time frame you had said, I was really excited to see them!! :) You did a phenomenal job, and i love how you were so calm (i was a bit wrung out from getting everyone all ready on my own )...it was a true pleasure working with you!!!!

With much appreciation, Leah

!הי טליה

!!!התמונות מקסימווותת ממששש

!תודה ענקית!! מחכים לפעם הבאה

הי טליה, תמונות מדהימות!!!! מתוקות ומושלמות!!!- היה שווה לטרוח ולהגיע מבית שמש!! את ממש מקצוענית ואלופה !! מעריכה גם את היעילות- מוכן יום אחרי החגים.. ממש כיף לקבל!! אבחר בקרוב תמונות להדפסה ואעדכן אותך... תודה מירי

My sisters and I are nuts over your newborn photography! It’s one of the best parts about having a baby!

Thank you for creating the most amazing keepsake memories for us. I love your work and I’m so happy I chose you xx 😘

"Talia's got a magic touch. Her every project is a work of art and one realizes how gorgeous life really is when processed through Talias's lens"

תודה!!! אין מילים!!! הסבלנות והמקצועיות שלך, זה משהו מיוחד!

טליה זה פשוט מדהים היה שווה המאמץ לבא מכל כך רחוק

טליה, זה מהממממממממממממםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםם!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! אלופההההההההההההההההההההההההההה!

בזכותך אני מחכה כבר ללידה הבאה!!!!!:):):)😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏 אינמילים:)

The pics are phenomenal!!! I love love love them!

You made her look like an angel! I cant believe how you caught her sparkle in her eye!

We look at the photos almost every night we just cant stop looking at them! Thank you so much! We are planing the next shoot already!

Talia I will be recommending you to every one, these are the most incredible photos. They are not just photos of my family. THEY ARE MY FAMILY! I see all my kids personalities jumping out of  the photos, I can see them interacting. You even caught the twinkle in Elisheva's eyes!    I cried my way through the slideshow! Thank you so much I am so happy I spent the extra money to do the photos with you!

Talia! You are completely incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That song......... You have no idea how much that slideshow means to me! Gonna have to send you pictures of my new house and how I'm planning on lining the walls with these pictures... Think I'm booking a ticket now back to the Holy land...

הבן שלי כבר כמעט בן חצי שנה, כ"כ הרבה נהננו מהתמונה המקסימה, ואפילו עדיין לא כתבתי לך תודה על התוצאה המקסימה! קיבלתי עליה המון מחמאות שמגיעות לך! בברכה,

היי רציתי להודות לך התמונות מהממות,, הכי מושלם שיכול להיות,,, ורואים את הסבלנות שלך והכשרון בתמונות,,! מקבלת מלא מחמאות... Tnx a lot,,

You are a magician! We loved going through the album, can't wait to pick out our prints. My kids are delicious, right? Thanks a million, was a wonderful experience!

Hi Talia, I didn’t want to go into shabbos without telling you how incredibly much we love the pictures! They are so beautiful! You did such a good job of covering the event and all the different permutations of family and babies. And we all agreed what a pleasure it was to work with you – we look forward to working with you again. I hope to get back to you soon about which pictures to print. All the best, Good shabbos, Sandy Loboda

Dear Talia WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!!! Ok, was that enough to tell you how much I adore these photos??? Fabulous job! Thank you so so much!!!!!! Really appreciate. Ok, I'll stop there! Im just so excited, I could waste all my time just looking at them. How long do I have to get back to you with what pics Id like? Many many thanks...& Id definitely highly recommend! xx

עס איז גאר איינגענעם צו ארבעטן מיט טלי'! זי האט די טאלאנט צו כאפן בילדער אין די ריכטיגע מאמענט! איר געדולד לויפט נישט אויס ווען זי ארבעט מיט קינדער און זי ווייסט אויך וויאזוי צו באקומען זייער קוואפעריישאן! די בילדער קומען אויזערגעוונטליך שיין! הערליך! עס איז אלעמאל א פארגעניגן מיט טלי'!

WOW TALIA- these are the prettiest pictures I have ever seen!! I can't believe how amazing they are- you are so talented!! great job!! thanks so much! I am so happy with all of them! also that my husband and I have our first normal picture since our wedding! Sara Malka Schwartz (Naama's Imma)

טליה יקרה! התמונות מדהימות!!! עבדת בצורה מיוחדת עם הרבה רוך וסבלנות! תודה רבה, והעיקר בשמחות בלב שמח!

!!!.....ישר כח!! מאד. מאד יפה!! מי כמוכם יודעים לומר:"אין צייר כאלוקינו"... הרבה נחת משלכם

When one receives a collection of pictures, it is usually quite quick and easy to pull out the top five favourites. With Talia's PHENOMENAL work, we had a major problem because EVERY SINGLE ONE was an absolute masterpiece! Her creativity with lighting, focus and background scenery is unsurpassed; her sensitivity to all that her lens is aimed at is amazingly acute; her incredible talent at manipulating every fragment of backdrop, whether natural or not, is unreal; all this - whilst wielding her incredible blend of professionalism and experience behind the lens - resulted in us being the proud owners of the most breath-taking artwork.

Akiva and Nechama Stern

Hi Talia, the pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can't believe you got such gorgeous ones, especially considering the crazy circumstances!! We truly want to thank you for all the extra time and effort you gave us. You went way beyond the call of duty! I'll be in touch regarding the print and magnets. Thank you again,

We love Talia's Photography! Both our daughters had their newborn photoshoots with Talia and we absolutely adore the results. The props are adorable and Talia was so gentle with the babies. We were able to get the perfect shots thanks to Talia's patience and warmth towards the girls. We also had a family photoshoot and cakesmash that we are so pleased with. Talia captures timeless moments that we can look at for a lifetime. We absolutely recommend Talia's Photography! Raiz Family

As usual it was such a pleasure working with Talia! Her professionalism coupled with her calm disposition allows her to capture the beauty and pure innocence of newborns! Talia's warm environment and love makes mother and baby feel secure. The newborn stage goes by so quickly but Talia has that special way of snapping at the present moments and making them last forever. Every picture is a piece of art! Thank you so much Talia!

היי טליה, התמנות מהממות, נהננו מאוד מהצילומים, אז תודה רבה, ותודה רבה גם על היחס החם. בברכה, גבריאלה אוליאל

תודה תמונות אדירות תענוג להסתכל יפות אחת אחת

Thank you so much for the most  beautiful pics! you are so talented and quick, they came out gorgeous! these photos will be treasured by all of us.

Our photoshoot with Talia was fantastic. We definitely had a very fun and lovely memorable experience. She had loads of patience and truly accommodated our requests. Her after service is amazing!!

“Talia’s pictures of my kids are truly unique! Her creative poses and high level of expertise makes every photo into a winner! Talia’s photography is simply a cut above the rest!”

Having Talia photograph my family was such a pleasure. Not only were the pictures great, but Talia's pleasant and engaging demeanor made everyone smile their best including my two year old daughter! I would highly recommend Talia to anyone looking for great family portraits that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

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